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Why Online for an RN to BSN Program?

The internet brings convenience to many aspects of our daily lives, from shopping to renting movies. Today, it is also possible to take courses online to advance one’s career. Many courses are offered by institutions that hold accreditation from national and state accrediting agencies. For registered nurses (RNs) interested in enrolling in a program to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, taking classes online has increasingly become the most practical option.

Benefits of an Online Program

Many states, including Georgia, are finding it difficult to accept qualified applicants due to a lack of nursing faculty. Online RN to BSN programs have become a way for universities to extend their capacity without stressing their existing resources. Online classes are also pragmatic for students. Students can complete coursework from anywhere an internet connection is available. For those far from campus, this benefit eliminates the need to commute.

For the Working Nurse

Online RN to BSN programs are designed with the working nurse in mind. Currently, about 40 percent of all nurses have the equivalent of an associate degree. While this level of training has served the U.S. healthcare system well for many years, a volume of research points to the benefits of elevating these nurses to a BSN through specially designed programs. A BSN-prepared nurse is better equipped to handle a constantly changing healthcare environment. Online RN to BSN programs also cater to the working nurse with financial aid packages sponsored by states, schools and the federal government.

Accreditation as a Mark of Quality

Schools like Columbus State hold accreditation from governing bodies like the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), which assesses and identifies nursing programs that engage in effective educational practices. For prospective BSNs keen on working at the highest levels, a program from an accredited school is essential. There are also state-level accreditation bodies, like the Georgia Board of Nursing, which is a member of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. These groups perform an annual review of all nursing education programs and provide guidance for programs out of compliance with board regulations.

Nurses seeking a BSN program have more options than ever before, and online RN to BSN programs are designed with the working nurse in mind.

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