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It is time to earn your RN to BSN online

RN to BSN online: Changing the world of nursing

Nurses play a much larger role in direct patient care than ever before, which means that the training and skill of the nursing staff directly impacts the demeanor of each patient and the value of the facility – be that a hospital, doctor’s office, hospice or other healthcare setting. Pursuing the RN to BSN online elevates the individual and the field of nursing.

Advantages of completing your BSN

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is not only an exceptional way to maximize your career opportunities, opening doors to higher level positions and salaries, it also improves the quality of the care your patients receive.

BSN graduates have an expanded skill set that allows them to take a more active nursing role as patient advocate, health educator, case manager and care coordinator. With both technical and professional nursing skills, they ensure quality, accuracy and efficiency in their hospitals and health systems. In fact, studies show that care facilities with a greater number of BSN- and MSN-prepared nurses have higher rates of job satisfaction, better patient outcomes, fewer errors and safety issues and lower mortality rates.

Earning your RN to BSN online

In the past, online degrees were not considered to be as high quality as traditional degrees. But as more hospitals have begun requiring greater numbers of BSN-prepared nurses, some of the best nursing schools in the country have recognized the need to supply their communities with highly skilled nurses whose work schedules make traditional classroom learning unfeasible. In recent years, more and more top-ranked, accredited nursing schools are offering the option to complete a BSN online, designing programs that offer a flexible and  convenient alternative for busy nurses looking to improve their career opportunities. It's no longer difficult to find programs that easily fit your lifestyle.

RN to BSN online: Choosing a program

The average RN to BSN online curriculum requires somewhere between 30 and 40 hours of accredited coursework. There may also be 30 to 50 credits of general education, some of which could transfer from a completed RN program or previous college coursework or may be earned simultaneously with lower and upper division nursing courses. Gaining admission to an online BSN program is often as stringent a process as getting into a standard one. Program requirements include work experience, a current RN license, transcripts and academic and personal references.

Before deciding which RN to BSN online program is right for you, speak with an advisor or a BSN-prepared colleague who can provide insight into what you can expect from your coursework and what completing your BSN can do for your nursing career.


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