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Flexible Online RN to BSN Programs Offer Benefits to Working Parents

Completing an online RN to BSN program carries many benefits in the workplace and at home.

BSN students have greater career advancement prospects, learn important critical thinking and leadership skills and understand how to integrated evidence-based practice into patient care. However, the benefits do not just stop with resume-building items.

Research has shown that many graduates feel completing flexible degree programs enables working parents to show their children how to not only further one's education, but that you can do so while juggling work, school and home responsibilities.

Research shows link between degree and family

A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation RN Project titled “Charting the Course for Nurses’ Achievement of Higher Education Levels” found that higher education help families by furthering career prospects and providing greater job satisfaction. The study went on to state that pursuing higher education helps set a good example for children.

The effects are not just while the degree is being earned either. A study on the long-term effects of parent’s pursuit of education showed that even four decades later, individuals benefited from seeing their parents achieve degrees. Seeing parents who set and achieved goals helped their children believe in the importance of setting goals and earning higher education levels themselves.

Turn flexible degree program into family event

A 2001 study that included focus group interviews with RN to BSN students found that registered nurses believed that by going to school they were demonstrating key behaviors they want their children to exhibit.

Participating in an online RN to BSN program, in particular, can help demonstrate these behaviors because children see their parents working around family needs while still committing to the future benefit for the family. Ultimately, flexible degree programs enable working parents to have the best of all worlds.

There are steps parents can take to involve the whole family and reap the most benefits of the flexible nature of online RN to BSN programs. Create a tangible marker of your progress in the online RN to BSN program to help ensure your family’s commitment to your goal. Bridge family and school time by holding study sessions with your children where you all commit to work on homework. Then celebrate together having finished your work or for achievements across your areas of study.

With a little creativity, parents who are working and pursing an online degree can not only model good behavior for their children, but also enlist their help and make it a family goal to help mom or dad succeed.

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