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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Nursing, like the rest of the healthcare industry, is an ever-developing field. Professionals who wish to keep pace must understand how evidence-based practice in nursing can help them provide the best care for their patients and their families.

What Is Evidence-Based Practice?

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses states that evidence-based practice in nursing is a valuable way to improve patient care. The academy says that nurses who use evidence-based practice, particularly those who have completed an RN to BSN program, know how to draw from study results, trial information or other forms of medical data to make patient care decisions.

Evidence-based practice in nursing is a problem-solving approach in which professionals integrate their own clinical experience with patients’ preferences and values, then consider the most relevant evidence to answer clinical questions. Nurses who have completed an RN to BSN program are more likely to have the education and experience necessary to offer this level of care.

Improved Patient Outcomes

According to a report in The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, evidence-based practice in nursing is more likely to improve patient outcomes through quality healthcare. The report defines quality healthcare as the degree to which healthcare services increase the incidences of positive health outcomes and align with current health knowledge.

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, a well-educated workforce results in a higher level of quality patient care. Nurses who have graduated from an RN to BSN program deliver a level of care that results in lower mortality rates, fewer medication errors and other positive patient outcomes .

The BSN Difference

Nurses who have earned an advanced degree through an RN to BSN program know how to provide care in a variety of situations and environments. Today’s nurses must be ready to work in an increasingly complex healthcare environment, sometimes providing care for patients who are older, sicker and frailer than ever before. These patients need healthcare professionals who can merge their skills and experience with today’s changing technology.

The time has come for nurses to embrace a higher level of care, and evidence-based practice is one path to providing the best for patients and their families.

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