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Looking for a Nursing Job? Be Aware of Your Online Brand!

It has taken some time, but most employers now have social media policies in place. While these policies are generally aimed at preventing an employee from inadvertently speaking on behalf of the company, many include clauses that define acceptable behavior. This is significant if you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and are preparing to apply for nursing jobs, because you may be unwittingly limiting your career options through your use of social media.

Branding for Likes

While “likes” and “followers” on your social media profile may be an appealing sign of social status for some, employers are more interested in professional and academic achievements. Some social media sites, like LinkedIn, are designed to showcase those achievements. Be sure to check in regularly to update your work and academic history. Connections with other professionals on LinkedIn are vital to your success. These connections improve your chances of being spotted by someone in your extended network and open the doors to more opportunities or a recommendation from a colleague or supervisor.

Controlling Your Image

Letting loose on the weekend is a normal way to relax after a long work week. Unfortunately, some social media shares of your private life can give the wrong impression to hiring managers for nursing jobs. Keep in mind that your colleagues and potential employers may come across your social media accounts. While it may seem easy to speak your mind on the internet, it helps to consider how others may perceive what you have posted. Another thing to consider is your visual image. Look at the portraits of other professionals on LinkedIn. Invest some time in pictures of yourself that will show your professional side.

Curating Your Name

You should not have to wonder what someone will find when they look for you on Google. Do it yourself and see what comes up. Often, you’ll find that you share a name with someone else and you are not the first on the list. This is where your efforts can pay off. Secure your dotcom domain name, if it’s still available. If not, see if it’s available in a different extension (e.g., io, me, co). Also, social media sites now offer the ability to modify the URL address to your page. Use this to help boost your name in search results. Keep in mind that keywords are important, so on your profiles, do not forget to include keywords that will identify your academic qualifications and professional skills. In this case, you will want to show that you are nurse with a BSN degree.

Securing the Front Page With Variation

Google’s search engine has been refined to limit how separate posts on the same site are displayed. This means you should associate your name to a variety of services beyond LinkedIn and Facebook to push more of your content to the front page on Google. Twitter, Medium, Google+, and your own website or blog are easy ways to control what potential employers see first when searching your name.

Your online brand is more than what your closest friends think of you. Increasingly, an individual’s online presence is the catalyst leading to a job or a dismissal. Control your online brand by making sure your social media accounts portray your professional side. Don’t hesitate to show off your education, especially if you have a BSN degree and are searching for nursing jobs.

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