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Why Online for a Master of Education Degree?

Teachers never have enough time. They have to plan and prepare lessons and often volunteer to help with extracurricular clubs or mentor students. Yet these things do not necessarily have to prevent them from pursuing a Master of Education degree.

An online master's in education is a great way for teachers to stay in the classroom while earning an advanced degree. Teachers can save time and money by earning a master’s degree online. In addition, teacher strategies learned online can be implemented immediately.

An online master's in education will allow teachers to gain knowledge in the following key areas:

Alternative Assessments

While standardized and traditional "paper and pencil" exams serve a purpose, it is ideal for assessments to be based on process and progress rather than outcome. These could include essays, oral presentations, portfolios and projects. Students should always be a part of the goal setting and evaluation process.

Differentiated Instruction

Students learn in different ways, at different paces. Today's teacher must plan lessons that enable all students to access academic content. This means using a variety of texts, as well as activities that incorporate multiple learning styles. These include: visual-spatial, body-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, linguistic and logistical-mathematical.

Cooperative Learning

Learning how to collaborate and appropriately express opinions is an important life skill. Teachers can help students with this by using pair work and group activities such as rally robin (Kagan Cooperative Learning) and jigsaw. This also gives students an outlet for verbal expression.

Reading and writing in the content areas

Strong reading comprehension and writing skills will help students in all content areas. Some reading comprehension strategies that students can use in the literature, science and social studies class include:

  • Note-taking
  • Questioning
  • Identifying main ideas and details
  • Determining cause and effect
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Classifying
  • Summarizing
  • Inferring/drawing conclusions

Research and pedagogy in education is constantly changing. With an online master's in education, teachers can ensure they stay up-to-date and become leaders in their schools.

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