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Teacher Leaders Are Key to School Community

teacher-led schools aim to create a sense of community
In today’s educational system, many teachers are taking on greater and greater leadership roles. Sometimes, they even lead the schools, typically one of two ways. The first way is by creating a professional partnership between the principal and the teacher, allowing the teacher to have more control. The second model abolishes the role of the principal altogether. Teachers act as administrators and serve their peers. Instead of a hierarchical system with an employer-employee relationship, teacher-led schools aim to create a sense of community.

Teacher Leader Model Gives Teachers Control

Educators are often challenged with teaching based on the requirements of an administrator who has been out of the classroom for many years. Under teacher leadership, however, teachers determine the best approach. Their position on the frontline of education, face to face with students, allows them to teach in a way that best enables their students to learn.

Leadership Is a Partnership

To run the school, some teachers may take on administrative roles. Under this partnership model, teachers are the educators as well as the administrators. The administrator who adopts some of the duties of the principal is not the boss, but rather, serves the other teachers. To learn the administrative side of education and fill the need for teacher leadership, many educators have chosen to earn an online master’s degree in education.

Principals See the Benefit of Teacher Leadership

There are conventional schools where principals have adopted the idea of teacher leadership, and the teachers have become partners in learning. They have some autonomy in how they teach, allowing them to be accountable to a system over which they have some control.

Teacher Leaders Provide Community and Accountability

Teacher leadership is viewed as an exciting evolution in the education process. Teachers have a say in how their classroom is run and what teaching methods to use. An online master’s degree in education aids teachers in learning administrative roles to take on leadership opportunities. Teacher leaders foster a sense of community where everyone can have a voice. Under this partnership, teachers may find it easier to be held accountable for the success of their students and their school.

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