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Role of Assistive Technology in a Special Education Classroom

Advancements in technology bring several new ways to teach and learn into the classroom. These developments allow teachers to help their students be more productive and receive hands-on learning. This is especially meaningful for special education teachers and their students. With assistive technology in the classroom, special education students can learn more easily and effectively.

Assistive technology includes any device that is created or modified to enhance the functional capabilities of disabled individuals. Many of these devices can advance students' literacy and technological skills.

The Value of Assistive Technology

There are various kinds of assistive technology that can help students with learning and attention issues. They can range from simple devices, like reading tools to help students with visual tracking, to advanced devices, such as text readers that turn written text into speech. Having these types of technology in the classroom can help students work through challenges and play on their strengths, giving them a confidence boost.

Assistive technology can provide students a way to work more quickly and accurately. It is designed to help students become more efficient and independent workers. By using this equipment, students can work on areas of weakness and set goals.

While assistive technology can be helpful, it does not replace quality teaching. The tools are only meant to assist students. Special education teachers can help decide which tools and technology a student should use in addition to the teacher’s instruction. Special education teachers must work with other educators, doctors and parents to determine the best technology for the student. Being able to evaluate the student is the key to student success. Teachers can learn about these technologies, as well as teaching instructions for a special-needs classroom, by participating in online special education master’s programs.

Assistive technology in the classroom is an effective way to help special-needs students grow and learn. These tools can help the students work around challenges. Taking online courses in special education may help teachers learn more about assistive technology and how it can be used in addition to traditional methods.

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