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What is an M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership?

A master’s degree in teacher leadership can help you improve teaching and learning in your school system

A Master of Education in Teacher Leadership is a specialized program that focuses on research-based strategies to address issues and improve teaching and learning at all levels within a school system. Grounded in theory and evidence-based practice, you will learn how to integrate these concepts into student and professional development curricula while you build leadership skills that help you gain buy-in for new educational initiatives from the entire school community, including top-and mid-level administrators, teachers, parents, and the community at large and achieve positive results regardless of the educational environment.

Tenets of teacher leadership

A master’s degree in education in teacher leadership empowers educators to lead the evaluation and modify instructional strategies to improve achievement. Teacher leadership coursework also includes developing intellectual behaviors in discourse that respect and reach across the boundaries of culture, class, race and socioeconomic background.

Broad lessons with real significance

The master’s in education in teacher leadership curriculum explores advocacy, challenging candidates to use innovative, culturally aware educational and persuasion methods that ensure that people are comfortable having a say in policy and practice. This builds communities and includes everyone with a vested interest in education within the community. A master’s in education in teacher leadership could also focus on instructional technology and instructional leadership. As the digital world plays a greater role in teaching, including the availability of online degrees, it becomes important that educators understand how best to implement technology into their lessons. Instructional technology expands traditional learning to include digital media and various communication channels.

Building the next tomorrow

Teacher leadership allows teachers to help other teachers in learning new methods to help students reach greater levels of achievement and help teachers deliver the best education possible to their students. Upon the successful completion of this master's in education, candidates will be ready to engage students, teachers, parents, school faculty and the community at large in creating outstanding learning environments that allow students to thrive.

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