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What Jobs Can I Get With an Online M.Ed. in Special Education?

Enhancing Your Career With an M.Ed. in Special Education

Special education is more than just a rewarding career. The future is bright in this field as more children with special needs like emotional difficulties, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and physical impairments enter U.S. schools. Even if you already have a bachelor’s degree and are an experienced educator, an M.Ed. in Special Education can bring you more employment opportunities, higher salaries, increased job satisfaction and professional positions outside of traditional classroom jobs.

However, working educators know that they often don’t have time to attend classes and complete coursework according to a rigid and time-consuming schedule. An online M.Ed. program, on the other hand, allows working teachers to earn a master’s degree according to a schedule that accommodates their existing personal and professional obligations.

A master’s degree in special education brings educators opportunities that are often unavailable to people with only a B.Ed. degree. The following professional opportunities could give you the opportunity to do what you love and expand your professional horizons.

Behavior Analyst/Autism Specialist

Teachers who have experience with autistic children and behavior analysis may enjoy this role. In addition to teaching young people, these professionals train and supervise staff; act as liaisons between programs and schools, parents, and fellow teachers; and assist families with behavior management. An M.Ed. in Special Education with a focus on applied behavioral analysis can prepare the dedicated teacher for this fulfilling career.

Teaching Outside the Classroom

There are students who either temporarily or permanently cannot attend school. To make sure that these children do not miss out on educational opportunities, special education teachers visit them at home or in the hospital at least twice a week for one-hour sessions.

There are opportunities to work in residential facilities to provide educational and support services to youngsters unable to live at home. Teachers can even choose to work one-on-one with infants who have health conditions or disabilities requiring early intervention for proper physical and emotional development.

These teachers also assist family members with managing babies’ care and growth. Toddlers and young children in preschools can also benefit from the attention of a special education teacher who helps them learn linguistic, motor, social, and cognitive skills. An M.Ed. in Special Education can provide these valuable educators with the necessary tools to help special needs students develop.

Special Education Supervisor

If you feel the importance of expanding your horizons and using your talents to benefit people beyond the classroom, a special education supervisor position may be the job for you. Working with a state human services department or similar agency, you will plan and coordinate special education programs and special projects. Supervising, training and evaluating staff members are all part of the job description. You will also be responsible for improving special education programs to comply with new laws and guidelines and for preparing regular reports and correspondence.

However, this isn’t only a desk job; you will attend meetings and seminars to share your expertise and develop professionally. An M.Ed. in Special Education with a concentration in administration will promote your success in this exciting field.

An online M.Ed. in Special Education enables dedicated teachers to expand their horizons without abandoning the work they love. Whether in the classroom, on the road or in another environment, special educators can use their expertise and talents to provide educational opportunities for young people.

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