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Job Options for Teacher Leaders

Teachers are often change agents who provide accountability, feedback and support to their peers. The goal of teacher leadership is to enhance the education experience for students and help teachers manage their classrooms effectively. There are several jobs for teachers who are interested in teacher leadership opportunities.

Classroom Support

Teacher leaders assist fellow teachers with implementing new ideas in the classroom. They do this by demonstrating a lesson, co-teaching or observing and providing feedback. Both teachers may research and develop the lesson together, which enables them to reflect and solve problems individually and as a pair. This teamwork mentality promotes ongoing improvement and collaboration.

Curriculum Specialist

A curriculum specialist’s primary role is to advise administrators, teachers and other professionals regarding opportunities to improve learning according to established standards. They plan, implement and evaluate educational programs that fit the needs of the school and the student population, and they help keep teachers on track. They also consider feedback from teachers with regards to assessing curriculum based on student success.

Learning Facilitator

Some teacher leaders serve as learning facilitators who help their colleagues grow professionally. Learning facilitators may begin this process by identifying students’ needs, teachers’ skills, and which professional development opportunities are available. Learning facilitators can then develop a plan based on their findings.

These are only a few of the available jobs for teachers interested in teacher leadership roles. Teacher leaders can be mentors who train novice teachers, or they can serve as school leaders who head a grade level or a specific department. They may also represent the school to the community. By serving in a leadership role, teachers can effect positive change in the education process, driving success for students and coworkers alike.

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Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders

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