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Earn Your M.Ed. in Special Education Online Fast

Students interested in pursuing an online Master of Education in Special Education degree may already have teaching jobs. They have their hands full between teaching and their personal lives. Needless to say, some may prefer an accelerated program to complete the degree quickly.

It may mean dealing with a heavier workload during that timeframe, but on the flip side, they can devote all their energies in the short time it takes to earn the degree and be done. The sooner they complete the online program, the sooner they may discover new career opportunities and get a raise.

Factors Affecting Time in Obtaining a Master of Education Degree Online

How long does it take to earn an M.Ed. in Special Education online? It depends on the program and other factors. Data from U.S. News & World Report states that, on average, it takes two years to complete an online master’s degree in education.

A search of online M.Ed. programs and the amount of time it takes to earn the degree reveals different answers. Two programs could require the same number of courses and hours, though the time it takes to earn the degree may be different.

Completion time for an online M.Ed. depends on these factors:

  • Program setup.
  • Hours and courses required.
  • Full- or part-time enrollment.
  • Number of courses taken per session.
  • Prerequisites, if needed.
  • Student’s background.

A standard college course runs for 16 weeks. Online courses may be anywhere from five to 10 weeks long. Classes running for shorter terms tend to be faster paced and have heavier workloads. This may not work for some.

Part-time students typically take one or two courses at a time. A new student could try one course to see how the workload fits in with work and personal commitments. An online program is self-paced, so students can complete coursework in as few as 18 months by doubling up on classes. Or they could take a more relaxed pace with one course per term.

How an Online Master of Education in Special Education Program Works

Students can complete Columbus State University’s online M.Ed. in Special Education in as few as 18 months. Even the application process is fast since the GRE is not required. Applying to the program requires a current, renewable teaching certificate. Because that certificate qualifies as the admissions test, there is no need to take the GRE.

U.S. News & World Report lists CSU in Georgia as one of the best colleges. It is ranked No. 45 in Top Public Schools and No. 106 for Regional Universities South.

Earning a master’s degree with a focus on special education from CSU requires completing 130 courses for a total of 36 credit hours. Courses run for seven weeks with multiple start dates available. Students taking one course per session can complete the program in approximately two years.

In taking courses online, you save the commute time as well as time spent in an actual classroom. Earning an M.Ed. degree online offers the same outcome as earning one on campus: a degree from a well-respected university.

Learn more about Columbus State University’s online Master of Education in Special Education.


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