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Develop Effective Teaching Strategies with an M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

Teachers today are responsible for developing and implementing effective teaching strategies. This means teaching content matter, reading and writing across the curriculum, and cultivating higher—level thinking skills - all while maintaining a safe, positive and efficient atmosphere. An online Master of Education program can provide teachers with effective teaching strategies to help students and fellow teachers.

One of the most effective teaching strategies is to differentiate instruction. Students learn at different paces and have different levels of background knowledge. Teachers should build on students' prior knowledge before introducing a new topic. Pre-teaching key vocabulary words is an important step in helping students access new content material. In addition, using a variety of texts will help ensure that students are able to practice reading comprehension strategies — and have a chance to grasp academic content — at their reading level.

Another highly effective teaching strategy is to recognize the multiple intelligences as outlined by Howard Gardner. These include:

  • Visual-spatial
  • Body-kinesthetic
  • Musical
  • Interpersonal/intrapersonal
  • Linguistic
  • Logistical-mathematical

By incorporating these learning styles into lessons, teachers can ensure that students are motivated to learn, have fun and master the objective. They can also help students to discover their strengths as learners.

Quality teaching requires strong classroom management strategies. Teachers need to create and establish clear rules and expectations from the first day of school. It is often helpful to involve students in this process. For example, students can work in groups to prioritize classroom rules. Having students and parents sign a contract is also helpful in creating a sense of responsibility and community.

Teachers need to not only have routines, but also practice these routines frequently. Students should know what to do as soon as they walk into the room. Teachers and staff should always greet students upon entering. Here is a sample routine:

  • Put your journal in the blue bin
  • Get your binder and pen out
  • Complete the warm-up activity sheet

Many schools now require teachers to post a schedule and class objectives on the board. This ensures that teachers, students and other staff know what to expect. For some students, this visual schedule can also eliminate anxiety that might lead to behavior issues.

Teachers should always be consistent — and allow for plenty of time to establish both effective teaching strategies and classroom management strategies.

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