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Benefits of an M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership: Helping Children and Teachers

Many teachers chose their profession because they genuinely enjoy teaching and helping others learn, but some want to further their education and extend their influence. Perhaps they want to teach at the college level, or perhaps they simply want to be able to help other teachers in their schools and systems. Many teachers prefer to lead from their position as a teacher rather than move into a full-time administrative position. For those people, a master's degree in teacher leadership may be the answer. An M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership helps graduates coach and mentor fellow educators, perform effective research, and more effectively collaborate with and lead others.

What Does the Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership Cover?

An M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership is geared toward those teachers who want a master's degree in education, but are not as interested in principal, dean or any other full-time administrative position that keeps them out of the classroom. It helps graduates gain a better understanding of teaching and of leadership to influence others. It also teaches how to work with adults to accomplish goals effectively and how to formulate plans not only to improve the school curriculum but how to present it to parents, teachers and administrators in a concise, straightforward manner.

What Advantages Would an M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership Provide?

Many school districts, though not all, offer financial incentives like quicker promotion, extra pay, movement up a career ladder or tiered system, or other job-related benefits for employees who hold a master's degree. It also expands the range of job opportunities for graduates, since many higher learning institutions require at least a master's degree before even considering someone for employment as an instructor. An online M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership also provides a solid background in case a teacher decides to move from the classroom to an administrative position, since most supervisory positions in education now require at least a master's degree.

For teachers looking to improve themselves or to improve their students' learning experiences, an online M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership may be a steppingstone toward that goal. The degree enables you to help influence the school curriculum, be a resource for those peers who may need help, and help you to more effectively help improve the teaching and learning in your school and system. A master’s degree in teacher leadership lets teachers teach and lead, but with more tools to do so.

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